On the need for ideas

We live in a time of great change in classical music. It is a fragmented time that doesn’t have one dominant philosophy or movement pushing forward in the development of new music. I have been hearing Spotify, the New Classical station and the Indie Classical station.  In the Indie Classical, I have found a lot of  music that strives to be different but that it strikes me mostly as different and ugly, without much form or with a form I cannot detect. In the New Classical, you hear new recordings of the old repertorie, of the baroque, classical, and romantic music as well as new recordings of 20th century masters, like Ligeti and Copland. In here I have found music that is fresh without having to go into great dissonance or plain chaos to create an effect. I have also heard, in other places, uber-minimalistic music, music which can go on for 30minutes, orchestrated with great skill but without much else happening,  making pieces that use to bore me when I was younger absorbingly interesting.

Anyway,  it seems to me that an exchange of ideas and the clear exposition of new concepts it highly desirable at this point in time so that we can start making, as a group, interesting music that would be fresh and different but accessible to people that are currently classical music fans but are not trained musicians. And through my blog, I am going to present some of my own personal ideas, the concepts I use to write my music in the hope of making my music more understandable to listeners and also hoping to find other like minded composers for dialogue and an exchange of ideas. I will explain my ideas in short blog posts using dichotomies, two opposite poles that can help us understand all the levels in between, using a logic that contains many shades of gray as opposed to a black and white pattern. I will see you soon.



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