On Practicing the Piano

Recently, I got back to the piano because I may want to play some of my works in recital soon. And  as I was playing my old pieces, I realized I was hitting some wrong notes. “Well, it’s the lack of practice”, I thought.  But as I continued practicing I […] Read more »

A change of pace – On Common Ground

Well, I have been doing a podcast for a couple of years now, but I have not written much in my blog. And I usually use my blog to talk about a musical concept, explain some of my musical ideas or deal with creativity issues. But today, I am going […] Read more »

About simplicity in music

I am currently writing a choral piece called The Immigrants that is going to be performed in Minneapolis by several choirs in different concerts: A professional choir, a community choir and a high school choir. One of the most difficults aspects of writing this work is writing it at a […] Read more »

How do I define my music?

I define my music, for music fans, as normal music with more dissonance than usual. The added dissonance adds interest to the piece and is used to emphasize emotional moments as well as to serve as a greater contrast to beautiful segments. In Moses, an Oratorio, for example, in the […] Read more »

About Writing Contemporary Music

With the premiere of my String Quartet, I realized that writing New Music keeps being a big priority for me. It is a great challenge to write music that is accesible, yet fresh, which is what I want to do. I just finished writing a 5 minute work for a […] Read more »

On the need for ideas

We live in a time of great change in classical music. It is a fragmented time that doesn’t have one dominant philosophy or movement pushing forward in the development of new music. I have been hearing Spotify, the New Classical station and the Indie Classical station.  In the Indie Classical, I […] Read more »

The Modern Classical Composer

This is my first blog entry. It coincides with the first of the year, so happy 2015! I have been meaning to write this blog entry for a while.  It deals with the situation of the contemporary classical music composer. There are several elements involved in the writing of music. You […] Read more »