A change of pace – On Common Ground

Well, I have been doing a podcast for a couple of years now, but I have not written much in my blog. And I usually use my blog to talk about a musical concept, explain some of my musical ideas or deal with creativity issues. But today, I am going to share with you a poem that I wrote for our times. I think certain groups and  individuals have been trying to divide us for their own particular benefit. And I wrote my thoughts in a few lines. Here they are.


On Common Ground

We are all different /And yet we stand/On the same ground

We eat the fruit/Of the same soil

We share goals/We want peace/ And love/ And life


We stand/On common ground

We love our kids/ We want them/ To grow

To thrive/ To make a life/ For themselves


We want to earn/ To have enough

To have friends/ To have respect


There are many/Much too many

Things we share/That we all want

You are not my enemy/How could you be?

We share the roads/And the stores

And the meat/And the hospitals


We share the shows/And the books

The papers/And the air


I breathe it/You breathe it

The water/We drink it

All of us

All the time


And the differences?/Well, there they are

So what?

We can talk/We share a tongue

We share ideas/More often than not


Let’s share more/Swap viewpoints

Understand/Grow a bit

Grow together/Let’s just hear

And listen/And see


We stand/On common ground

It’s ours/Let’s figure it out

We have, in the past/And we will




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