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SmiletuxI am always glad to receive communication from anyone that wants to send it, as long as it is a person and not a robot or a machine.

My e-mail address is: Write me a note, say hi, tell me what you think of my music, inquire about commisioning works or just get in touch. All communication is appreciated.

Commissioning a work is a contribution to the whole musical scene. Beside giving your school or your community the added prestige of having a unique work written specifically for them, you are helping the forward drive of the art form. Today’s works answer different needs than the works of yesteryear and give different solutions to the perennial questions that all art poses. 

 Additionally, commissioning a work can be a unique learning experience for students at any level as they   interact with a living composer and they help to shape and bring to life a new creation.  And commisioning a work may be easier  than you think. The first step is just getting in touch. Let’s talk.

In addition to commissioning a specific work for your choir or band, you can join one of the projects that I am pursuing. Right now I am launching “In a Few Words”, a series of seven choral pieces that aim to use texts in a different way than usual. I have The Hannukah Quilt, a series of works about the Jewish holiday of Hannukah and also the Aztec King, a series of works based on the poetry of Aztec king Netzahualcoyotl. Write me a note and I will give you more information.

It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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