Almost Songs




“Almost songs is fascinating and enjoyable listening”

-Robert Plyler, The Post-Journal, Jamestown, New York.

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It took me about a year and a half to prepare this recording. I had neglected the piano in order to compose during the past few years and the piano wasn’t happy with me, so it demanded a lot of attention in order to play well for me.

The recording was done in July of 2006 in Zipper Hall of the Colburn School of Music in LA. The CD came out in October of that same year with a recital in that same hall. It was very well received by the audience and got a nice review. ¬†“Almost Songs” is so called because each piece or movement is preceded by a short poem, which adds a little meaning to the work. So it is almost a song because it has “lyrics” and music but they are not played at the same time.

The CD contains two works: Moods, which consists of 9 short pieces:

Sadness, Despair, Fear, Anger, Hostility, Boredom, Seriousness, Cheerfulness and Enthusiasm.

And The Media Sonata, which has 4 movements:

The Press, The Internet, Adults Watching TV and TV for Children.

I’m uploading the pieces to YouTube and there will be links added to each piece as it becomes available. The first one that went up was The Press. I hope to have all of them up shortly.

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