Memories of My Childhood


The recording of this CD took place in two parts. The First Piano Concerto was selected by ERM Media to be recorded for their Masterworks of the New Era series. It was recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2006 by the Kiev Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Robert Ian Winstin,  with Dmitri Tavanets at the piano.  Unfortunately,I was not present when the recording took place, but in 2009 the work was released by ERM Media in Volume 13 of Masterworks of the New Era, which you can see underneath .




The Second Piano Concerto, Memories of my Childhood, was recorded 7 years later in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, in February of 2013  (yes, it was cold). Kirk Trevor conducted the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and Ladislav Fanzowitz was the soloist. I do have pictures of that recording. The studio had the biggest organ inside a studio in the world! (Too bad this was not an organ concerto. Maybe some day…)


It was a great recording session, although quite a bit stressful for me as it was the first time I was at a recording of a work of mine for Orchestra. I remember getting sick   and then going to Prague to visit for a few days while having an awful cold. Temperature in Prague was 9 degrees Fahrenheit. It was all white and it was gorgeous so I still enjoyed the trip.