Here is a compilation of my works. If the name is underlined, you can hear it by clicking on it. Sometimes the name is not underlined but you can still hear it. You can just click on it and find out.  If the word Score is underlined, you can see the score by clicking on it.  If you want to perform any of these pieces or have any questions or comments, please press the button “Contact Me”.


Concerto #1 for Piano and Orchestra (The Russian)

Concerto #2 for Piano and Orchestra :

The Body

The Mind

The Spirit


1. Five Concert Etudes

2. War and Peace

3. 12 Preludes

4. Three Evolutions

5. Three Evolutions II

6. Interruptions

7. Three Very Short Melodies

8. Improvisations.

9. Scenes of Their Childhood (11 miniatures, 13 minutes)

Hear it complete.  Hear it by movements: 1. The Nintendo, 2 The Carpool, 3 Homework, 4Reading, 5 Dreaming,

6 Fairies, 7 Wake Up!, 8 Playing, 9 Innocence, 10, Friends, 11 My Family.


11. Sonata I

12. Sonata II


(Sets of piano pieces preceded by a small poem)

1. Moods:  Sadness, Despair, Fear, Anger, Hostility, Boredom, Seriousness, Cheerfulness, Enthusiasm

2. The Media Sonata: The Press, The Internet, TV for Adults, TV for Kids


4.Environmental Suite

5.The Drugs Suite


String Quartet #1 Opus 13

1. The False Idea

2. Classical, Barroque and a Tiny Bit Modern

3. Ethereal

4. Rhythmia

Trio for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet Opus 6

1. A Frolic

2. A Walk in the Forest

3. An Acceleration

Echoes of Mexico for chamber ensemble



The Nightmare and the Dream: Herzl and the Creation of Israel (An oratorio for SATB choir, soloists and wind ensemble.)

MOSES, An Oratorio (For soloists, SATB choir and chamber orchestra)

Moses, an Oratorio,  Highlights  

Hear it by movements:

1 Prelude,

2.O, Hear our Voices,

3.Moses is Born,

4.The Killing of the Taskmaster/Marriage to Tziporah

5.The Burning Bush,

6.The Plagues,

7.Escape from Egypt,

8.The Song of the Sea,

9.In the Desert,

10.Amalek Attacks,                                 

11.The Ten Commandments,

12.The Golden Calf,

13.The Spies,

14.Moses Addresses Israel.

Short version:

Moses, the Passover Story ( SATB choir and piano, 19 minutes)

David and Batsheva (from the oratorio David by the Helfman composers Group)


The Immigrants (For SATB choir and piano)(4 movements, 16 minutes)

Hear it by movement:

¿Por qué me vine? (Why did I Come Here?)

La cruzada (The Crossing)

El trabajo (Work)

¿Me quedo o me voy? (Should I Stay or Should I Leave? )

Isaiah Said (Isaiah 11:6) (SATB choir a capella)

A Hanukkah Gathering  (2 voices, men and women, a capella)

My Flowers Won’t End (On a poem by Netzahualcoyotl, SATB choir, flute and drum)

A Song and a Prayer (SATB Choir, piano)

We Are The Music Makers  (SAB choir, piano)

Prayer and Praise (SATB choir, string quartet and/or piano)

Hanukkah, an Inspiration (SSAB choir and piano)

To See What You See  (SATB choir and piano)

Keep On Going On  (SA choir and piano)

The Story of Hanukkah


Caminante  (SSA and piano)

Who is Judah Maccabee? (SSA and piano.)


There Is No Glory in Hate (SATB Choir a capella, advanced) (Anti-war) (5 minutes)

Ode to Poverty (For SATB choir or SSAA choir and piano, advanced) (On a poem by Pablo Neruda) (6 minutes) 

Nonatzin (On a poem by Netzahualcoyotl, for SATB choir, piano, flute and drum)


Two Songs on Poems by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz for soprano and piano:

1. Endechas

2. Soneto


1. Echoes of Mexico (flexband) Hear the chamber ensemble version.Score

2. Memories of my Childhood (Symphonic Band) Hear the orchestral versionScore

3. The Spirit (Symphonic band) Hear the orchestral version Score